Military Monday

Happy Military Monday everyone! Here is Duckies picture today…


Please keep our troops, veterans and their families in the forefront of your thoughts! If you’d like to help a veteran in need, please go to Cupcakes Confidential and place an order for the best cupcakes you’ll ever have or make a donation. All proceeds go directly to a veteran in need.

Today’s Cupcake is a White Buttermilk Cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream and a Red Chocolate Heart……

Can you say YUM?!?!

Please check out the bloggers below, they are all truly wonderful people!

I hope to see you back here tomorrow!

Sending you a 😉 (wink) and a 😊 (smile)!!!


Pink Saturday

Enjoying your weekend?? I am!!

I saw Frozen today, it was so cute and funny! Have you seen it?? It’s great for adults and kids alike!

Today’s Cupcake is a Pink Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting and White Non-Pariels.


This was a special order for all the wonderful women at Soldiers Heart! I hope they enjoy them!

As always, please remember all the men and women who have fought for our country and freedom and those who currently are doing it! Place an order online or make a donation online at Cupcakes Confidential.

See you back here Monday, enjoy and have a blessed Sunday!

Sending you a 😉 and a 😊!!

Hoping for a White Christmas

Happy soon to be Holidays everyone! Plus a very Happy Friday!

I am filling an order today and the person was very specific about what they wanted. Seeing as I’m in Florida, I think they are going for a snowball. So they wanted a white cupcake with white buttercream with coconut on top.

So Today’s Cupcake, before I ruined my lovely rosette, is a White Cupcake with White Buttercream for a White Christmas!


They turned out just lovely, now I just need to add the coconut…..yikes!

As I’m having a great day today I just want to remind you all that there are other veterans, disabled, like me, or just in need right now and always. So please if you have time make a donation online or place an order to help out a veteran during this hard time, just go to Cupcakes Confidential and help put someone’s mind at ease, that they’ll have a gift for their child, or electricity, or some food for the holidays. Sometimes we forget that there are others who are worse off than ourselves, and a military veteran has a very hard time asking for help.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow! As always, sending a 😉 and a 😊!!! ❄️⛄️❄️⛄️❄️⛄️

Bittersweet Thursday

It’s Thursday!! Yay! It’s almost another weekend for most of you! Hope that helps if you’re having a not so great day!

Today I was feeling well and was up for trying a cupcake I’d tried before but somehow couldn’t get it just right.

So….Today’s Cupcake is Bittersweet Chocolate and Cardamom Cupcake with White Chocolate Whipped Cream and sprinkled with a tad more Cardamom!


Gotta say, it was a little fudge like but with that spicy Cardamom kick, but the White Chocolate Whipped Cream Frosting tempered it all! Scrumptious!!

I hope everyone is ready for the holidays…I’m not….I’m the one that typically is shopping Christmas Eve!

Enjoy the rest of your day and please think about our veterans this holiday season. I post a new cupcake everyday in honor of our veterans. Cupcakes Confidential is an online cupcake company I started to help veterans that I come in contact with at the VA, online, or just out and about. They need help, I’ve been there, I’m still there as a disabled veteran myself, but I feel a need to give back to my fellow veterans. I currently pay everything out of pocket and the money received from selling the cupcakes online goes directly to a veteran. So please, if you can, make a donation online or order cupcakes. You can’t begin to image the number of veterans that need help, not just financially either.

Thank you for your time and thank you for reading my blog. Even if you can only offer your support, that’s enough!

As always, I’ll see you back here tomorrow. Sending you a 😉 and a 😊!

Happy Black Friday!

Ugh, I don’t know why I said HAPPY, this is one of the days I detest! Why, because all the people trying to kill themselves for one item, that, if they were like me, they’d know it will be there the week of Christmas at the same price! Or maybe I’m just jealous because I’m one of those last minute Christmas Shoppers! Hmmm….

Anywho, I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving, if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoyed the day off!!

So I have all these chocolate chips and chocolate wafers that I’ve been trying to decide what to do with, other than making my homemade candy. Then I remembered I had bought this Wilton Silicone Brownie Pop thingy….I believe thingy is a technical term in baking!

So I decided, let’s make brownies! Who doesn’t want chocolate after Thanksgiving and all the potatoes, pies, etc.!

So I made 2 kinds, but as they’re really brownies I didn’t want to overpower them with a fancy frosting, sometimes too much sweetness can put you in a coma or you just don’t want another one!

The 1st cupcake today is a Brownie Cupcake filled with Chocolate topped with Drizzled Vanilla Chocolate! Mmmm mmm


Yummy right?!?!

The 2nd is my first Brownie Pop with a White Chocolate Outershell with Lilac Vanilla Chocolate Drizzled over that! Not as easy as they look!


So let me know what you think!

Be sure to check out my website Cupcakes Confidential and make a donation to support veterans this holiday season or order some to give as gifts!! Who wouldn’t be thrilled with homemade cupcakes that you didn’t have to make??

I’ll see you back here tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of your Friday!

Sending a 😉 and a 😊!

What a relaxing Saturday!

I hope you’re having a wonderful and relaxing weekend as well!

It’s so nice to come back to your own space and feel at home and welcome. It’s been wonderful. Colorado was beautiful but I don’t like walking on egg shells, not the best feeling!

So for today I decided to make a White Chocolate & Blueberry Cupcake with Swiss Meringue Frosting! Oh my….talk about delicate flavors that enhance each other…this is IT!


So now, I shall retire to the living room and relax awhile longer & then run some errands!

Enjoy your weekend, please check out my website Cupcakes Confidential Order, donate or send to someone special, remember your helping out veterans. You receive an email with the veterans name & contact information if you’d like to contact them.

See you back here tomorrow! Sending you a 😉 and a 😊!