I’m a disabled veteran from the 1st Gulf War and a single mother. I’ve had to fight tooth & nail to get the proper health care & benefits from the VA. I’m not the only veteran going through these struggles! I thought I could get legislation changed for veterans, so I spoke to our Congressmen & ABC news, but they don’t care about veterans or their constituents! So I had to do something, CUPCAKES! I started an online non-profit Cupcakery business! I sell cupcakes by the dozen, all money less costs goes directly to our veterans! Everything I make is homemade from scratch! I offer vegan, gluten-free & sugar substitute options for those who have dietary restrictions or prefer a certain type of cooking. I have sweet & savory cupcakes! I hope you’ll enjoy my posts, visit my site & order (or make a donation) so I can spread my love to everyone & give you a wink & put a smile on your face! Thank you for your time in reading my posts!





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  1. This is great! I know exactly what you mean about the VA…check the gov even tossed the “burden” to non profit organizations to donate the money the gov normally allocates for vets benefits during the shutdown! And not many Americans take the time to care or realize these things or do anything about it..its a shame. Proud to see a fellow American an one of our veterans taking things into their own hands and helping in anyway they can! Where do you send the donations for veterans and what do they go towards exactly??

  2. I’m still fighting over 1-1/2 yrs on my appeal for percentage disability I broke my back in 3 places & they think that’s worth 10%, nerve damage 5%, and the rest 5%. I left he military in ’93 and got my disability in 2010, what does that say? I go to the VA & cry when I see how others besides myself get treated. It’s horrible. I was in during the 1st Gulf War, but we fight & keep fighting until they give us what we want and rightfully earned! I appreciate your comments and support, truly. We don’t get enough support so it means a lot when we do! Have a great day!

  3. Sorry I just saw your reply =( I must not have had notifications on…That is terrible!! Keep on fighting though you deserve it! I only wish it wasn’t our veterans who had to fight for their rights, I wish our people would do more to fight for THEM instead. I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Here is the link to learn more http://jq1317.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/liebster-award/ ..I love what you are doing for your fellow veterans! God bless!

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