Speaking Texan: A Lil’ Southern Charm

Wandering Thistle Studio

Hi y’all. Earlier today a friend posted a picture on Facebook  explaining the definitions and plurality of  Y’All. Being from the South, I thought it was cute (and true).  I will write it out for you all to see and maybe it will help bridge any communication gaps.

1 =You

2 or more = Y’all

5 + = All Y’all

Let’s go with this shall we?  If you read one of my first blogs during this 3o day challenge I mentioned being multi lingual… I speak Texan. Want to learn a few of our slang words?

If you are not from around these parts we say “fixin’ to”  when we are preparing to do something.  Dinner is “supper”.  “I’ma” is I am. Now to use them in a sentence. “I’ma fixin’ to cook y’alls supper.”

Fixin' to wanderingthistlestudio

“Whatcha doin'” is what are you doing? or What are you up to? Or…

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