Double Double Toil & Trouble….Or Not

Happy Wednesday everyone….you’re half way through your week! Yes!! 👍👍👍

I had a request for some super duper chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Well….I can’t ever just do a basic cupcake, so I had to bring it up a notch!

Today’s Cupcake is a Double Chocolate Cupcake with Double Chocolate Fudge Frosting….


Let me tell you, I was thrilled with having left over frosting, as I truly wanted to eat the entire batch! Luckily, I had some restraint and probably only ingested about a cup….that’s not a lot….right??

I look forward to seeing you all back here tomorrow!

If you’d like, I’m entered into two contests….one is through Facebook, go to OnTheGoCookingShow, like their page, click on the box near the top that says FB Contest and you can vote daily through Feb. 3rd for my Browned Butter Cupcake with Lobster a Filling and Cream Cheese and Fresh Chive Frosting cupcake. When you vote, you have to wait 24 hrs before you can vote again! I’d really appreciate the support!

The other is through Cuisinart. Click this link Cuisinart Contest and share it on FB and where you see the five stars that look filled in, you can use your mouse or finger to give my cupcake up to 5 stars to become a finalist. Again, I would appreciate the support!

Please remember the men and women that are currently serving in our military and our veterans. If you’d like to help a veteran in need, go to my non profit Cupcakes Confidential and place an order or make a donation online. If you have dietary restrictions, questions, special requests, or a larger order please use the contact form or call me directly.

Sending you a 😉 (wink) and a 😊 (smile)!!


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