Cranberries and Clementines…..Hmmm

Happy Thursday all! Hope your week has been good to you!

Today we are going vegan again….hope you don’t mind! 😉😉

Today’s Cupcake is a Vegan Cranberry Cupcake with Clementine Orange Frosting garnished with a Modeling Chocolate Flower!


Looks devine!! Not sure how they taste yet, my taste tester for this one hasn’t come to pick them up yet. I’ll let you know the results however!

Please remember our troops and veterans. Keep them in the forefront of your hearts and minds. If you’d like to help a veteran in need you can place an order or make a donation at my non profit Cupcakes Confidential. If you have a special request or dietary restrictions, please use the contact form or call me directly!

Check out the bloggers listed below please!

See you back here tomorrow!

Sending you a 😉 (wink) and a 😊 (smile)!!!


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