I know I’ve made a promise to my fellow veterans to post a brand new cupcake daily, but today I had a special birthday request. I can’t ignore that….right??

So Today’s Cupcake is my Crème Brûlée Cupcake.


Can’t be mad at that….it really is fantastic with all the yummy Crème brûlée filling and Dulche de Leche frosting…mmmm mmmm!!😊🎂😊🎂

Thank you to my Sous Pastry Chef Annalese for her assistance in blow torching all the cupcakes! 😇😇😇

Please keep our veterans in your hearts and minds. If it’s in your heart to help, you can place an order or make a donation online at Cupcakes Confidential.

Please check out the bloggers listed below, they truly are amazing!

I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

Sending you a 😉 (wink) and a 😊 (smile)!!


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