Butter Rum?? Who came up with this combo??

Happy Saturday! Hope you’re enjoying your day and I hope you’ll have a blessed weekend!

I think it’s possible that I went a bit wacky today trying to pair butter, rum (not real rum, the extract rum) and butterscotch! But I had to give it a whirl!

Today’s Cupcake is a Butter Rum Cupcake with Butterscotch Ganache Filling and Drizzle with a Butter Rum Buttercream Frosting. I must tell you in advance that the ENTIRE house smells like butter rum now….not sure if that’s good or bad yet! 😊😊😊


Looks devine and tastes AMAZING….who knew!?!?

I hate to keep being repetitive but please keep our soldiers in your hearts and our veterans. If you would like to donate to my non profit please do or you can place an order for cupcakes that are so much better than store bought since they’re made from scratch with local ingredients and a big dash of love! Just go to Cupcakes Confidential , we offer vegan, gluten free, diabetic friendly, and nut allergy friendly options. Just use the contact form and let me know if you have a special request or dietary request!

I’ll see you back here Monday!

Sending you a 😉 and a 😊!!


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