Friday is Preserves Day 🎉🎉

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’re excited for your weekend!! 🎉🎉🎉

I’m calling today official preserves day! Why shouldn’t we have a day solely dedicated to the deliciousness of canned preserves made by wonderful canners (mason jars….not actual cans!!)?!?!

So for Today’s Cupcake I made a Browned Butter Cupcake with Apricot Preserves Frosting…mmm…mmm!


These turned out very well, I must say, or better than I hoped! I bought a bunch of preserves from our local North Port Farmers Market and boy they don’t disappoint!

I was trying to make something that wasn’t too sweet for my Canadian neighbors since they are leaving for the holidays tomorrow, they don’t like cloyingly sweet anything!

Also, I felt I was quite capable of multi-tasking today, so I decided to make Gumbo for my boy! Well….let’s just say I burned my hand in a few places….next time I’ll remember to do one thing at a time!

As always my online cupcake company is a non profit that gives back to other veterans, like me, who fall on hard times. All the money generator right now goes 100% to a veteran in need. I hope you’ll remember them this holiday season and go to my site and place an order or make a donation. It’s all right there for you to do at Cupcakes Confidential and it’s easy and always pay it forward!

I’ll see you back here tomorrow, possibly with a picture of how my Gumbo turned out!

Sending you a 😉 and a 😊!!


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