It’s a Fig of a Monday

Happy Monday everyone!! Hope you had a great weekend and sorry that it’s a new week! 😢😢

I’m hoping all your teams won if you’re into Football Sunday!

Today started off…eh….it’s slowly getting better and baking somehow takes me to a different place to forget about stresses, problems, anything and everything! Plus, I had another wonderful, uplifting talk with my cousin! If you’re ever in need of life coaching, she’s the one to call. Check out her website Cornerstone Life Coaching she is such a sincere, caring heart.

Now, since it’s been a few….eh….days, I figured we’d go with figs! Right? It’s the holidays, I just did cranberry, so why ignore the fig??

Today’s Cupcake, to help our veterans in need, is a Fig Cupcake with Vanilla Mascarpone Buttercream Frosting garnished with a slice of Fig.


Now, I’ve never ACTUALLY had a fig, so I needed some inspiration. So a big shoutout and thank you to Purple House Cafe Blog and Jess the brave home cook who posted this recipe from which I adapted my recipe.

It turned out perfectly! The right dome, they looked ready to dive in and shove one in your mouth while it sat there naked with no icing…..but I had some restraint! Right?? 😇😇

Enjoy the rest of your Monday and please don’t forget about our veterans and current military men and women this holiday season. Check out Cupcakes Confidential’s website and place an order or make a donation. If just to warm your heart knowing you helped a veteran and their family this Christmas.

See you back here tomorrow! Sending you a 😉 and 😊!

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